A free home computer for every student in need

Our mission:

The “OtthON” project aims to provide cost-free use of a home computer for all elementary and high school students. These computers will be distributed directly to the schools, who will make them available to their students for the duration of their studies at home.

Who we are:

We are a team of enthusiastic civilians from relevant fields with extensive experience. We work together with United Way Hungary to find a solution to the present situation caused by COVID-19 pandemic.

The problem we want to solve:

Educational institutions had to close their doors due to the present threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing the students to keep up with their studies remotely from home. This has created a new challenge to every family: working parents and school children need to coordinate their daytime computer use, however this is often not possible. In most cases, they do not have enough computers or even proper internet connection to
work and study at home.

Our solution:

We want to donate suitable – used but refurbished – desktop configurations for home learning and a stable internet connection with adequate bandwidth for learning to schools and other educational institutions that can lend these tools to their students free-of-charge for the duration of their studies at home.

The professional partner of the foundation, in the framework of a non-profit cooperation, will put together refurbished computer configurations from the received financial and / or material donations. With these professionally refurbished computers we can provide a modern infrastructure for a student from as little as HUF 33,000 already. With this he or she can participate in online education on a daily basis.

Who we support

For all compulsory students who are unable to attend full-time online education due to financial or infrastructural constraints.

How we use your donation

All incoming donations and sponsorship money goes to United Way Hungary, which is one of the oldest non-profit organisations in the country. Based on their survey with nearly a thousand educational institutions in March 2020, they have an accurate picture of what what and how many computers would be needed in each schools. The donated funds will reach the each institutions quickly and efficiently, who will make them available to families free of charge for the duration of the present situation.


How do the computers get to the families?

Thanks to the support of our partners, it is possible to deliver the computers quickly and cost effectively to every educational institutions in all corners of the country.

Why don’t families get the computers directly?

Educational institutions have adequate information about the needs of students. In addition, the legal Microsoft software required for distance learning is available to schools free of charge and the IT staff of the institutions is also responsible for the regular maintenance of the infrastructure.

Why not new computers?

Used, refurbished computers have several advantages over new devices:

  • The programs required in education do not require new or high-end computers, so they run smoothly on used computers- which are typically a few years old
  • Used machines are much more cost-effective – thanks to this, up to three to four times as many children can get a learning aid at home within a short period time.
  • The refurbished computers make the experience of recycling and sustainability tangible, setting an example for students and their families as well.

In what order do we allocate the computers?

Based on the assessment of requirements by our partner foundation, we aim to satisfy all the needs as soon as possible and we will provide continuous information about these deliveries.

What is the commissioning process? How can children use the computer?

A detailed assembly guide is included with each tool, and an easy-to-understand guide is put together for students – school IT professionals can help them easily understand this.

What happens when education in schools starts again?

The program does not only provide a solution to the current situation. All equipment will remain at the schools after the epidemic and will remain their property. This way the computers will continue to support in-school education and will be available to school students in the event of any future situation.


Donating money

you can wire money straight to United Way : name: Erőforrás Alapítvány / account nr : 10102244-06753300-01003000 (please make a note : ” otthON roject ” , or you can donate online with a credit card by clicking the “I donate money” button!

Equipment donation

From your company, which may be used but in good condition devices (computers, monitors, notebooks or parts, accessories). You can send us the details of the devices by clicking on the “I donate equipment” button.

Be our partner

If you like the otthON project and you would like to join us as a professional supporter/collaborator/volunteer, then click the “I can help” button. We’d be happy to hear from you!

Our results so far

Amount of current donations

7.590.000 HUF

Number of computers on the way to students


Where we already helped

Bókay Árpád Általános Iskola, Budapest

Ceglédi Református Iskola Tagiskolája, Kőröstetétlen

Cseresznye sori Gyermekotthon, Sopron

Damjanich János Általános Iskola, Isaszeg

Dévaványai Gyermekotthon

Erdei Különleges Gyermekotthon, Sopron

Fővárosi Gyermekvédelmi Szakszolgálat, Budapest

Gárdonyi Géza Általános Iskola Tagintézménye, Felsődobsza

Göcsej Kapuja Általános Iskola, Bak

Igazgyöngy Alapítvány, Berettyóújfalu

II. Rákóczi Ferenc Általános Iskola és Alapfokú Művészeti Iskola, Buj

József Attila Általános Iskola, Dombóvár

Katica Családok Átmeneti Otthona, Hajdúböszörmény

Krízis Alapítvány Gyermekotthon, Budapest

Különleges Gyermekotthon , Nagybarca

Mozgásjavító Intézet, Budapest

Ökumenikus Általános Iskola, Máriaremete

Petőfi Sándor Általános Iskola, Acsa

Pittner Dénes Általános Iskola és Alapfokú Művészeti Iskola, Péteri

Szent Márton Katolikus Általános Iskola és Gimnázium, Szikszó

Sztehlo Gábor gyermekotthon, Budapest

Rákóczi Zsigmond Református Két Tny. Általános Iskola, Szerencs

Szt. Zotikosz Gyermekvédelmi Intézmény, Tolcsva

Vörösmarty Mihály Általános Iskola és Alapfokú Művészeti Iskola, Debrecen

Weöres Sándor Általános Iskola, Arnót

Would your school like to be the beneficiary of our project?

For more information please contact our organisational partner via email: info@unitedway.hu

Companies who supported our project

Our partners

Thanks to

Fehér Barbara

twentyfive / Communication

Bodnár Bence

bencebodnar.com / Script writing

Klement Csaba

csabaklement / Animation

Sikó Balázs

Coq Studio / Graphic design

Varga Noémi


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